SB553 CA Workplace Violence Prevention Act

Compliance with SB 553

Are you a California employer looking to ensure workplace safety and compliance with SB 553, the Workplace Violence Prevention Act? Look no further! Our comprehensive solution provides everything you need to navigate the complexities of SB 553 with ease.

Our Solution

  • Easy-to-Use Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Template: Simplify the process of creating a customized workplace violence prevention plan tailored to your needs and industry requirements.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Our expert guidance walks you through each compliance step seamlessly, ensuring you meet SB 553 requirements with ease.
  • Employee Training: Empower your team with knowledge and skills to prevent workplace violence effectively, fostering a safer work environment for all.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Forms: Ensure compliance with customizable forms to address potential hazards, log incidents, and follow-up with corrective measures.

Our solution is FREE for our HR clients!

$199.00 for non-clients of Infinium Payroll and HR Solutions*

*Access to online training for one year, $25 monthly subscription required beyond 1 year


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