Hiring and Onboarding

From applicant tracking to paperless onboarding, we've got you covered

Hiring could be one of your most important tasks

Hiring the right people is more than just paperwork and luck. We can help you create effective hiring and onboarding process which is the beginning of building an effective team

Streamline Your Hiring

Our hiring solution is a fully-integrated applicant tracking system that helps you find and hire great employees. Post jobs online, manage applicants, and seamlessly onboard new hires.

Manage Applicants Effectively

We help you manage applicants using a simple rating system, online tools for background checks, and seamless job offer submissions. Use the form builder to screen applicants with custom questions.

Small business employee onboarding

Onboard Employees Seamlessly

When your ready to hire, just click a button and your new hire's information is pushed directly to the payroll portal. Employee can finalize the process by easily completing their W4 and Direct Deposit form online.

Find People. Onboard People. Easy

We make hiring easy be streamlining your process and making you look good

Request a PAYROLL QUOTE, or if you need to see more, request a DEMO and let us show you the power of our advanced technology that will streamline employee compliance and HR administration

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