We Make it Easy to Be a Small Business Employer

Are you ready to streamline your employment administration?


Payroll and HR Solutions for Small Business

We help small businesses manage the challenges of being an employer through smarter payroll, compliance and HR automation.


Reboot your business with our payroll and HR solutions! Say goodbye to administrative headaches by streamlining your processes.

HR Support for small business

HR Support

Get more than just HR software - we'll be there to support you proactively so you don't don't have to take the challenge of employment alone.

Timekeeping for small business


Wage and hour violations are easy pickens for plaintiff attorneys. Don't be caught with paper timesheets, we've got an accurate solution for you.

The Infinium HR team are experts in California labor law

We're California Experts

As California HR experts, we specialize in guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of employment laws in the Golden State. With our in-depth understanding of California's complex regulations, you can trust us to provide comprehensive HR solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's payroll management, compliance issues, or employee training, count on us to be your reliable partner in navigating the ever-changing legal requirements of California.

We're here to talk if you need more information or need HR help


Streamline your employment processes

Upgrade your HR and payroll with our scalable people management solution made just for small businesses. Our personalized partnership sets you up for success while smooth automation lets you go after your wildest dreams.

Small business payroll and HR

Why do business with Infinium Payroll and HR?

Payroll and HR are necessary responsibilities for all employers, but waiting for your HR partner to respond should never happen. Your time is important and we appreciate that. That's why we still pick up the phone at Infinium because we know you need a response fast.

Personalized Service

We believe in personal service, that's why every client of Infinium has a dedicated payroll specialist and doesn't need to wait hours or days for a call back.

Top Technology

Check out our top-rated HCM platform powered by isolved. It's the bomb for managing all your HR needs in one place with a team of experts behind you!

Request a PAYROLL QUOTE, or if you need to see more, request a DEMO and let us show you the power of our advanced technology that will streamline employee compliance and HR administration


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