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Our top management each have more than 20 years experience in their field, and our team members all go through extensive training to be the best they can be.

Mike Hayden

Founder and CEO

Mike Hayden, Founder and CEO of Infinium HR. Having built three successful HR companies, and managing small business HR since 1996 has given Mike a unique perspective on small business.

Mikes vision has taken Infinium HR to the Inc 5000 list two times since 2014. Against all conventional wisdom, Mike's commitment to maintain a people driven business in a technology focused industry continues to drive every client service decision at Infinium.

Ana Standfast

People Management Specialist

Ana Standfast has been managing people and HR compliance for over 20 years. Her knowledge and experience has been built over the years by managing real situations small business owners face, and delivering measurable results.

She prides herself on a desire to partner with small business owners to help them build a solid HR foundation and deliver practical and effective solutions. Ana has been with Infinium HR for over 5 years and part of Mike Hayden's HR team since 2012. She continues to learn and research HR and legal issues in order to be prepared for any situation that might arise.

Conni Bahner

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Conni Bahner has been recruiting and managing employment needs for small business for over 20 years. He dedication to this industry stems from a desire to help people, and to help small business.

Conni dives deep into every hiring opportunity by learning as much about the business owner's needs and wants, as well as the culture of the business, to connect the right person for the job every time. Conni and her recruiting team work closely with the business owner, using multiple sources and methods, to deliver the right people, even in tough labor markets,

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