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We love our clients, and are thankful for their business and kind words

Payroll service is excellent and affordable. HR services are awesome!! I had them help me with my employee handbooks and they pretty much did everything and a very affordable cost. I would highly recommend them especially for small business! Thank you!

Carrie Ann - Centuy 21

From the payroll to the HR services Infinium offers excellent service. They are always available to help no matter what! The Infinium team is very educated and experienced. Couldn't be happier with their service.

Candice - New Life Culinary

"When we used Paychex payroll service, they mistyped our EIN and over a year's worth of payroll taxes weren't credited to Palm Tree Escrow. The IRS started threatening us with garnishment, etc. Paychex kicked the can down the road for months, refusing to fix the issue. Finally, our CPA, who'd recommended Paychex to us, called the owner and the problem was fixed in a few days. Our CPA no longer recommends Paychex.

Once again, we're very happy with you and Infinium!"

Pat Carnathan

Palm Tree Escrow

As a business consultant / coach, I have known Mike Hayden at Infinium HR Group for close to 15 years now & it that time I have been privileged to work with him & his clients on a wide array of needs. He is a very knowledgeable professional & conducts himself with integrity & honesty. He literally goes the extra mile - with EVERY client. I consider him a close personal friend as well as a terrific strategic partner & highly recommend Mike & Infinium HR Group for any payroll, human resources, and/or other employee-related issues your company is facing."

Michael - Business Consultant

I've known Mike at Infinium HR for over 7 years and trust him completely for my company's payroll here in the Temecula valley. Compared to my previous payroll service, he and his awesome staff are very responsive. When you have employees, you need Infinium HR.”

Mark - Temecula Medical Group

Thank you to Mike and crew at Infinium HR Group! They've really helped me keep on track, and helped fix a major mistake by my previous "big corporate" provider. Great advice, accessibility, timeliness, and reliability!.”

Dan - Temecool Computers

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