Small Business HR Support

We help you navigate the challenges of employment and maximize your workforce

Human Resource Support, Built for Growing Businesses

Depending on your business needs, we offer self-controlled HR though our online portal or you may opt for our Advanced HR services. Advanced HR includes a dedicated HR Coach and proactive support.

Comprehensive Self-Controlled HR Support Portal

Having the resources that you need to manage your employees and maintain HR compliance is possible and affordable with our online HR Support Center.

Optional Advanced HR with a Dedicated HR Coach

If you need a deeper level of HR Support, our Advanced HR option provides a dedicated HR coach to help you develop policy and manage tough HR challenges.

Manager and Employee HR Training and Learning

We offer online training in HR, Customer Service, HR Best Practices, Leadership and Harassment Prevention. Available affordably as a client of Infinium.

HR support customized for your busines

Whether you need an online resource or a proactive HR Coach, we have options

For small business with no in-house HR administration

Advanced HR Support

If you're a busy business owner and need a proactive HR and dedicated HR coach to guide you through employment issues, our Advanced HR is the right option for you.

  • Employee policy development
  • Employee handbooks
  • New hire documentation
  • Performance management tools
  • Day-to-day guidance on employee issues
  • Proactive compliance information
  • Federal and state posters
  • Manager training
  • Harassment prevention training
  • Termination guidance

For larger business with some in-house HR administration

HR You Can Control

If your business has in-house administration that can manage HR compliance and employee issues, having the resources you need is easy with HR Support Center. This self-guided HR resource provides everything from forms, compliance advice, Employee Handbook creator and an optional employee training module.

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HR Learning and Training

Training and development contributes to an organization’s success. We help you compete with your larger competitors by making this available, affordably to small business through our LMS platform.

Employees can access courses to improve communication skills, mitigate workplace harassment, and address behaviors that can lead to discrimination contribute to increased job satisfaction and morale among employees and decreased employer liability for business owners.

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