Workers Compensation

Simplified administration so you can focus on your business

Pay as You Go Ease and Simplicity

Whether you have a broker or use our expert partners, we provide complete administration services from start to finish, and beyond. Put your Work Comp on autopilot and leave the administration to us.

Complete Administration

We go beyond what a broker does by streamlining your billing, payments and audit administration. Workers comp insurance shouldn't be a hassle for your business, we make sure it's not.

Direct to Carrier Payments

We are partnered with several carriers that connect directly to our payroll software enabling automatic payments. Payments are withdrawn from your bank directly after each pay date, eliminating audit hassles.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Using a pay go options, you reduce the need for large deposits. No flat payments. Paying exactly what you need to pay each month, syncs your cash flow to what your actual labor expenses are.

A better way to manage your insurance

Managing workers compensation insurance shouldn't be such a challenge

Work Comp Simplified

Eliminate the worries about paying too much or little, or having to come up with large down payments. Our PayGo Workers Compensation administration is integrated fully between our payroll system and the insurance carriers.

  • Simple quote and start-up process
  • Accurate monthly reporting
  • Automated payment direct from your bank
  • No year end audit surprises
  • We manage the headaches for you

Ready to chat about your Payroll and HR needs?

We offer a free consultation to help understand more about your business and see if we would be a good partner for you. Let us know how we can help.

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