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Understanding California's SB553 Workplace Violence Prevention Act

SB553 - Workplace Violence Prevention Act

California has implemented robust legislation known as the Workplace Violence Prevention Act. This act mandates specific measures that employers must take to mitigate the risk of workplace violence...

Can your business grow without growing your HR processes?

Grow Your HR to Grow Your Business

As small businesses experience growth in size and number of employees, it becomes imperative to scale their human resources (HR) practices to effectively manage the evolving needs of the organization.

Understanding the CA regular rate of pay and how it impacts overtime and sick time pay

Understanding the Regular Rate of Pay

In California, employees are entitled to various wage and hour mandates, including sick pay, overtime, and meal break violations. However, the calculation of these benefits often depends on an employee's regular rate of pay...

The importance of employee handbooks in California

Employee Handbooks are important!

In today's competitive job market, maintaining a well-informed and satisfied workforce is vital for the success of any business. One often-overlooked tool that can significantly contribute to achieving this goal...

Exploring the pros and cons of using an arbitration agreement in California

Achieve Success by Being a Deliberate Employer

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, success isn't just about profit margins and market share, it's about creating a workplace where people thrive, grow, and contribute to the company's success...

Exploring the pros and cons of using an arbitration agreement in California

Arbitration Agreements for Small Business

Arbitration agreements have become a topic of considerable discussion among small business owners, particularly in states like California, where legal regulations can significantly impact business...

What's the Difference Between PTO and Separate Sick and Vacation Policies?

PTO vs Separate Sick and Vacation Policies

Many employers choose to create a Paid Time Off Policy and it works well for them. However, to determine if it is a good fit for your company, let us explore the policy and pitfalls.

First off, PTO is a term that...

Understanding the importance of retaining employee records

Personnel Records Retention Guide

When it comes to protecting your business from lawsuits, claims, and settlement demands, it is critical that you maintain accurate payroll and employment records for your employees. Reducing the potential for claims and ...

Crafting a Win-Win Sales Compensation Plan: Key Strategies for Success

Creating a Sales Compensation Plan

Sales Compensation plans must be in writing and contain the relevant details related to any commission or bonus plans you have with your employees. Check out this comprehensive guide on creating...

Fostering Understanding, Value, and Growth through positive reinforcement

Reframing Discipline and Performance Management

Employee discipline and performance management are essential aspects of any organization's success. However, they are often viewed negatively by employees who may perceive...

CA Minimum wage by county table

California Minimum wage by County

California uses a primary minimum wage of $16 for all employers. However certain cities and counties have higher minimums that supersede California. Also, be aware of the health care and fast food minimum wage differences.

Ana's Corner

Weekly HR Advice From the Infinium HR Pro

Creating a Culture of Love in Your Workplace

In today’s workplace good employees are high demand.  Fostering a culture of love and appreciation for your employees is not just a compassionate approach, but also a strategic one. Happy and engaged employees are more...

Weekly HR Advice From the Infinium HR Pro

Know Your Industry Regulations!

In this ever-changing California employment landscape, it is more important than ever to know your industry requirements. Some recent law changes affect Healthcare, Restaurants, Manufacturing and Janitorial. Infinium HR...

Weekly HR Advice From the Infinium HR Pro

When to Ask for a Doctor's Note

We all agree it can be difficult on a team and a business when an employee is absent, especially if the absences become excessive. I am often asked if an employer can request a doctor’s note. The answer is not always a...

Weekly HR Advice From the Infinium HR Pro

Understanding the New Hire Wage Theft Notice

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently published a revised employee wage theft notice, effective January 1, 2024, that reflects legislation requiring notice of emergency or disaster declarations...

Weekly HR Advice From the Infinium HR Pro

Documenting Employee Counseling

I am sure most of you have heard me say, document, document, document.  I might also add, counsel immediately! I know it is a very tedious task as it takes extra time in the day to stop and write something... 

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