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Harassment Prevention Training

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Employee Harassment Prevention Training


Supervisor Harassment Prevention Training

COMING SOON - New Hire Processing

Video series on how to manage new hire processing for success

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How to Manage the New Hire Process

How to Hire employees and fulfill your primary HR compliance responsibilities

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Completing the New Hire Wage Info Sheet

The New Wage Info Sheet is required for all new hires. Here's how to complete it.

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Completing an I-9 Immigration Form

the I-9 is required for all new employees and doesn't have to be complicated.

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Storing Employee Documents

Employee documents must be kept for years. We'll show you how and how long to keep them.

COMING SOON - Leadership and Management

Managing employees for maximum performance and retention

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Employee Communication

Are your managers effectively communicating with your employees?

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Performance Management

Managers must engage deliberately with employees to maximize performance.

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Dealing with Difficult Situations

Small problems can become big problems without the proper approach.

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Termination Considerations

Termination is never easy but you can eliminate stress and liability by taking these steps.